Friday, October 21, 2011

-P family-

I've been so excited to blog this session. It's one of my favorites to date.

This beautiful mom is the older sister of one of my best childhood friends. Since I don't have any older siblings, I've always really looked up to her. I learned a lot about boys and life from Tricia. She is an amazing mom to 3 beautiful little girls, 2 who are old than Lucy. I've followed her blog religiously ever since Lucy was born, hoping to pick up tips.

In August, this family was in a terrible car accident. Their beautiful 3 year old daughter, Adria, was taken back to live with her Heavenly Father. Tricia was seriously injured. It hit me really close to home, especially being so close to their family. Those kinds of experiences really make you slow down and remember to cherish the little moments. Tricia has been incredible about sharing many thoughts and feelings about things since the accident. I've learned so much from her and hope that if I ever experience anything like she has I can handle it with even half her grace.  

As I tried to think of something I could do for this family, I kept thinking about a photo shoot. That's something unique that I can share. After offering it to them, I realized that it could have seemed really insensitive. Maybe they wouldn't want to do that so soon after sweet Adria's death. My hope was not to capture posed family pictures (which probably would have showed a gaping hole without their little girl). I hoped to simply capture the love and gratitude they felt for each other. 

Tricia, I hope I succeed in that goal. I love you guys.

L family

This cute mama was my roommate freshman year at Utah State. We had a lot of good times! I had so much fun doing pictures of her and her baby, Ellery. Aren't they so cute? Love them!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Julia+Keith bridal/groomal session

Oh Julia-how can you be old enough to get married?! You're the little sister! 
This bride is so sassy! Her dress is so stylish and I love her vintage hair piece. We had a great time together and tried out some awesome new locations! I'm so psyched for their wedding this weekend!

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