Saturday, December 31, 2011

J+Z engaged!

This cute couple have known each other forever. She is one of my little sister's two best friends. He happens to be the older brother of the other bestie. These two are just so great for each other. Can't wait for their awesome bridal/groomal session and then the wedding! 

P.S. 'Z' is one of the most photogenic people I know. Isn't she just gorgeous!?

R+S Engaged!

Aren't these two the cutest? They got engaged a month ago and I shot their wedding yesterday! Talk about fast! But they're so perfect for each other-when it's right, why wait? :)

baby M

Isn't this little guy the handsomest little thing!? He was absolutely perfect for pictures-he slept almost the whole time. Although there were a lot of beautiful color images, I'm just loving the black and whites with all that dark curly hair! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

+Bryan and Shay+

How cute are these two? This is my hubby's brother and we are so thrilled that he's found someone so perfect for him! Shay is the cutest, and so much fun! Can't wait for you to be my sister-in-law! 

On a funny side note, yesterday Lucy was naming off where all her friends and family live. When I asked her where Shay lives, she said with her mommy and daddy. But Lucy said she will be moving in with us tomorrow. Can't wait. :)

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