Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo-a-Day -outtakes!-

{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I am undertaking for the entire month of January by taking one photo a day of my pretty little girl.}
These are too funny! A *few* of the shots that (surprisingly) didn't make it into the actual photo-a-day:

Umm, okay?

What is this face?!

Lucy and Ellie being bribed with snacks and Lucy not looking. Again.

She would not look at mom:

Silly face and grumpy face:


I totally love this one of Lucy and Daddy:

Lucy trying to go swimming in a fountain:

Didn't want to do that pose...

Bottoms up!

She loves to be naked right now. This is how she spends most of her time:

She thought I was putting her in time out. Opps!

She got this whistle at a birthday party. It's super obnoxious. 

Pretty sure this is really what she's thinking when I say ANYTHING to her these days:

She didn't want pictures that day...

Good bye...


Kim Kravitz said...

Love these!!! Great work!

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