Monday, June 27, 2011

-Baby Cooper-

Can I tell you how much I love shooting newborns? They're hard, but so worth it.

I was nervous to shoot this little guy, because he was already a month old (if you're wanting to schedule a newborn shoot please try to schedule it within the first 14 days! For more tips, check out this post). But this  boy was a champ! He slept most of the time and was still flexible enough to get some darling shots! I was so glad his mom ask me to document this special time for their little family!

Hope you love them!


TeaTree Photography said...

Oh my, the last one with the orange blanket is my favorite! LOVE IT Rach! Excellent work. And seriously, was he smiling at you? Looks like a good flirt.

Just Be us said...

Oh Rachel! These are SO GOOD! You are an IN-CREDIBLE photographer!

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