Friday, August 12, 2011

catching up...

So, it turns out I've posted on this blog a lot more recently than I thought I had. It's been the longest week. My amazing grandfather passed away last Saturday and I haven't concentrated on anything else. We have spent a lot of time with my grandma and I made a DVD for his funeral. It was so therapeutic for me, I really felt like a spent the week with him.
Here is a picture of him just after high school. Is he handsome or what?

Anyway, if you are waiting for pictures, I'm now about a week behind and I sincerely apologize!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of my little princess...

LOVE the light!

She's so silly these days. It's hard to get a cute picture of her.

I told her to show me what a princess looks like, and she gave me this:

Isn't she cute?

A real smile!


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