Saturday, September 10, 2011

-C- family

Love these guys. I was good friends with both of them in high school and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch! I took their wedding pictures a few years ago (see them here. Don't judge my skills now on them though. Yikes!). I also took their cute baby's newborn pictures a few months ago (see them here).

Love repeat clients. :)

Also, apart from my own ladies, I think they have the cutest little girl of all time. Look at her. Seriously.

Don't worry. We got some with mom and dad too!
Loved this face when she was being kissed!

A few days before the shoot I get this message from her: 
"I told [K] that we were doing pics on Tuesday, and he said "with who?" and I said "Rachel" and he said, "NOOOO, not those shiny reflectors she shines in my eyes! She's like sadistic with those things!"
He might have had a traumatic experience with my reflector during their engagement pictures. Years ago.

Don't worry daddy, the baby is just like you. :)


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