Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen Party!

Lucy and Lylah's birthdays are two days apart, so this year I told them they could each do a small party, or they could do one big party. They decided to do one big party. And obviously it had to be a Frozen Party. Because, like every other kid in America right now, my girls are obsessed. 

I kept the dessert table super simple this year. Cake, cake pops, colored Sixlets, Frooties, and pretzel sticks. 

Printables on top of the Sixlets are free from here. There are a bunch of things! My invitations are also from there.

Cake is from my talented friend! Didn't she do great job on the cake? The bottom layer represents Elsa and Anna's dresses!

I made the tissue balls using this tutorial. For the hanging circles (is there a better name for them?), I used a 2 inch hole punch and then used a needle and thread to put them together. I love how these turned out together!

Okay, these tassel garlands were so easy to make (this tutorial is great!), and so cheap! One piece of tissue paper makes 4 of them, so they come together quickly and make such a statement!

I wish you could see the Happy Birthday banner better. It is so darling in real life. I made it using this tutorial. Easy, and so cute!

Birthday girls!

Both of the girl's dresses were handmade by my super talented aunt. They are absolutely obsessed with them, and they're wanting to wear them every second of every day.

Now on to the party!

When the guests arrived, we gave them one of these cute stickers to put on their cheek (or hand, or dress, or whatever.) I found them for $1 per bag of 12 at Hobby Lobby. The sticker is clear with all the jewels and sparkles on top of it, so it was easy to use, and all our princess guests were delighted.

While we waited for all of the guests to arrive, we made ice paintings. They each got a piece of black card stock and a cup and paintbrush. We boiled 2 cups of water, then stirred in 2 cups of Epsom Salt. The kids could paint on the water mixture, and as it dried it would crystalize! The pictures don't do it justice, it really looks like ice!

For our first activity, we built our own snowmen! We used Styrofoam balls held together with a toothpick, two small pieces of brown pipecleaner that they could easily push into the ball for arms, glued two little eyes on, tied on a scarf, and drew on a nose and smile with sharpie. Easy and fun!

We also made our own crowns. I used this pattern, and got the craft foam, stickers and string from Hobby Lobby. 

Next we "ice skated" to Frozen music. The kids each got two cheap paper plates and stood on them to skate. They had a blast! This works great on hard floor or carpet. :)

After that I had all of the kids lay on the ground. We made cotton balls "snow" onto them and had them make snow angels in it. Then we had a snowball fight! 

We had to have a pinata! The kids really enjoyed it, but it wouldn't break (my softball-playing sister-in-law actually broke our stick trying to break the pinata!). Eventually the hubs just broke open the bottom and dumped it everywhere. :)
(it's her party, she can cry if she wants to)

Then, finally the moment they had all been waiting for! Elsa and Anna came! If you are in Utah, I highly recommend you check out Character Booking! From the moment I had Anna call me to confirm our appointment to the moment they left the party, they stayed perfectly in character! These two were awesome with the kids, and I really think all the kids will remember them for a very long time!

First they sang parts of Disney princess songs, and had the kids guess them. They kids knew all of them!

Lylah was pretty nervous at first. But warmed up quickly. The kids were totally in awe over the Real Elsa and Anna.

Next Elsa and Anna told the kids their story. They were fascinated!

Then they got all the kids in a big circle and taught them manners. So cute!

The girls learned to curtsy and our two little prince's learned how to bow. 

Then they learned the proper way to ask for and accept a piece of cake.

They left time at the end for pictures with each of the party guests. The kids were so excited!

It ended up being an awesome party! 


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