Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mr + Mrs Hansen

Eric and McKenzie's wedding day earlier this summer was amazingly perfect. Every detail was carefully thought out, the venues were amazing, and everyone was just so happy. Check out this little peek of their big day.
The ceremony took place at the Manhattan New York LDS temple. It was so lovely, and definitely different than most temple's I've shot at. When you come out the doors there is a small covered area of sidewalk, and that's pretty much it. You can see how busy it is in some of the images below. But the church has really made the outside clean and beautiful!
The view when you come out the temple doors:

 The reception was at the Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Guys, I'm a total history geek, and Utah just doesn't have the kind of history that Connecticut does. This place was an old tavern before the Revolutionary War (there is still a cannon ball lodged in the side of the building from the Revolutionary War! Watch for the picture of it below.) It was later bought by a famous architect, who added the incredible garden for his wife. It is stunningly beautiful, more lush and green than anything Utah could ever dream of, and perfectly blended indoors and outdoors for the reception.
Okay, can we talk about these flowers for a minute? I was dying! So so beautiful! And the ones of the tables? Perfection!
    See what I mean about amazing details? The reception was flawless!


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