Monday, December 8, 2014

Clint + Ashleigh

This couple. This wedding. I just adored the whole evening, every detail. Their wedding was so amazing. It was truly a celebration!
Ashleigh and Clint, thank you for letting me capture your special day! You two are amazing.

First off, this venue. I mean, really. GORGEOUS.
Before the wedding, Ashleigh told me "We have beautiful (inside and out) people in our lives and want to have lots of photographic memories of them." I just loved that sentiment! And she wasn't kidding!
During the ceremony the bride and groom's wedding bands were passed from guest to guest, so that each person there could share their love with the newly weds. Loved it!
Ashleigh lost her Mom a few years ago. Her aunt's tribute was so beautiful.
They also lit a candle in memory of their loved ones who weren't there. It burned the whole evening.
You guys, check out this happy accident below (on the right.) I was zooming out when I pressed the shutter, and I LOVE how it looks!
After the ceremony, the guests formed a circle around the bride and groom. They passed around a voice recorder, and each person shared thoughts about marriage, the bride and groom, anything!
Ashleigh's custom made dress---to die for.
The details of this wedding were absolutely amazing!  
The band was made up of friends of the bride and groom. They were fantastic!
First dance.


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