Friday, June 4, 2010


I don't really ever post things on here about the video stuff we do. Mostly because I don't really love doing it, I'd rather be taking pictures. But because my dad is a professional film maker, I do know how to run the video cameras, use the professional editing equipment, etc. I do take the video jobs if they come, we just don't go out of our way to advertise for them. 

Anyway, I was hired as the videographer for a wedding a few weeks ago. Well, I was also right in the middle of two other video projects, and somehow in all the craziness I LOST one of the two tapes from this wedding! I have never done that before-it is one of the biggest things you have to be careful with in this business. I've been sick over it, and myself, my hubby, and my dad have all been searching for it like crazy. 

Well don't even worry. My dad just called and my little sister found the tape in the most random place! I'm so happy I could sing!

That's all. Just wanted to share the happy moment of the day. (:


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