Friday, August 17, 2012

David and Melissa, married!

David and Melissa have been dream clients! These two have referred so many friends and family members to me, so I felt like we saw each other all the time before they actually got married! I felt like we were good friends by the end, not only with them but also with their families.

Remember them here and here

When their big day finally came, it was so gorgeous! They got married in the Manti temple on an amazingly dramatic, overcast day. I LOVE the effect of the clouds in the shots! Their wedding reception was the next evening in Salt Lake. Enjoy!




The reception was beautiful! Melissa made almost every detail herself, and you can see how incredibly talented she is! 



Cutest daddy/daughter dance ever! 

First dance. 



Leaving the reception! 


kimber said...

Oh goodness gracious, Rachel. This wedding is just absolutely to die for. Your photography absolutely, totally, and completely ROCKS!!!

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