Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free session giveaway!

*UPDATE: This contest has ended.

I love doing giveaways. I feel so much gratitude for all the people who make my business successful, and I feel like it's a fun way to give back a little bit! 

So, I'm giving away a free session of your choice! This can be a family, newborn, children, senior, engagement or bridal session. The only session I wont give you is a full wedding day session. :) 

It's super easy to enter! 
Go to the Luminosity facebook page here (and 'like' it if you haven't yet):

Find this picture (should be at the top of the page)

Then leave a comment under it. 

The LAST comment wins! The end of the contest (date and time) were picked by my 3 year old. I'm not going to tell you exactly when, but it'll be sometime in the next week. Feel free to comment as often as you want. I'll post hints every so often about when the end of the contest will be. 

Should be fun! And everyone has a chance to win!!
Thanks to you all! You rock!


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