Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. + Mrs. Johnson

Love these two. If you remember them (from here) you'll remember that they are my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law! They got married at the end of November (look how lovely and warm it looks...) and it was a perfect day! I'm so glad Travis found a girl as amazing as Cari. They are the best.

 (You'll see a couple glimpses of my little ladies and their two cute cousins if you watch close. :) Enjoy!) 



The Reception was at the Southworth Hall in Provo. It was lovely.


Jennifer Moon said...

Wow, impressive job catching such cute shots at the reception center with such low lighting. Do you just use your camera flash or do you have special lighting? Love the posing, by the way! Super cute!

Luminosity Photography said...

Hi Jennifer! I just saw your comment! For the food/decoration shots, I just pulled my ISO way up and shot with the available light in the room. For some of the shots with people, I just used the built in flash on my camera (Nikon D700). I do have lights that I set up sometimes, but we didn't have time to set them up for this reception. :) Thanks!

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