Saturday, February 2, 2013

the end of january...

See all these lovely ladies? I was so excited when Lindsay invited me to participate in this blog link.
All these cute girls are so talented + I'm excited to introduce you to them!
Lindsay wants us to share "real stuff" from our month. 
The kinds of things we don't usually document, for whatever reason.

I've been doing that all month with my annual photo-a-day challenge (a challenge I've done for the last 3 years to take a photo of my kids each day for the whole month of january. you can see it here)

So, I'm going to cheat a little bit and share some of the photos I took with my phone this month. 
(if you follow me on instagram, you've seen a few of these already. If you don't, you should. @luminosityphotography)

I tend to take photos of the cute, silly, messy house, messy haired moments on my phone, so these will be a little more real. A little more personal.

We're talking about continuing the blog link each month, in which case I'll be more prepared to take pretty pictures for February. But I'm tired, and didn't have a lot of time. So here you go.

This month was wild! I shot 5 weddings, Kyle's work has been crazy, Lucy started Sunbeams and dance again, and both girls went back to Kindermusik. We've had sick family members, birthday parties, ice skating, shopping trips, and lots of snow. We're hoping we'll be able to slow down a little in February.

Probably the biggest thing for us this month was that we found out we're having another little girl! We can't wait!

I'm going to send you on over to the blog of the charming Amber Parsons. I don't know her well, but have really enjoyed the time I've spent getting to know her so far! She is a talented photographer and an over all adorable girl! Go check out her cute blog and get aquatinted with her and her handsome husband!


Jodi and Steve said...

congratulations on the new little one, Rachel. When are you due? Your family is so adorable. Wishing you all the best...Jodi Hepworth

Luminosity Photography said...

Thank you Jodi! I'm due the beginning of July! We're so excited!

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