Monday, January 13, 2014

Wedding Highlights, 2013

Guys, I am so blessed. I love being able to do what I do. I love being able to help support my family and be able to be home with my girls.

And I couldn't do it without each and every one of my clients. You all are seriously the best. Thank you for supporting my company. Thank you for hiring me to document the biggest day of your life. Some times I feel like I'm so busy and frazzled that I don't express my appreciation enough. 

But seriously. Thank you.

Check out each of the incredible couples that made this year so great! 

Grant and Josi:

Nathan and Lisa:
Will and Julia:
John and McKenzi:
Matt and Alicia: 
Cameron and Kali: 
Spenser and ShaNae:
John and Darci: 
Lars and Julianne: 
Tyler and Pam: 
Trax and Melissa:
Chris and Amber:
Stephen and Deborah:
Eric and Shelby:
Wes and Maddie:
Brian and Katelyn:
Trevor and Chelsey:
Dustin and Noel:
Brad and Nelle:
Dan and Megan:
Garrett and Christi:
Vince and Melissa:
Jens and Desiree: 
Mark and Elizabeth:
Richard and Sami:
Kyle and Marissa:
Tyler and Christina:
Chase and Haley:
Jake and Nicee:
Marcus and Katy:
Cody and Brittani:
Garrett and Ashley: 
Spencer and Charity:


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