Monday, July 23, 2012

Jake and Andrea--married!

Oh, I love these two! I had so much fun getting to know them during their engagement session (here) and their bridal/groomal session (here). They are both so charming, and beyond perfect for each other! 

The wedding day was beautiful! They got married first thing in the morning at the Salt Lake temple, then had their reception that evening in a family member's backyard. It was perfect! 

Want to hear something funny? Andrea's twin sister is married to my husband's cousin. She referred Andrea and Jake to me. On the wedding day, I kept calling them Jake and Alicia (sister's name) instead of Jake and Andrea. I was dying--I never forget names like that! And it's not like I see Kyle's cousin that much, they live out of state. I realized later, my brother's best friend's name is Jake, and his wife (who's wedding I shot almost 2 years ago) is named, you guessed it, Alysha. Duh. :) Sorry guys!


And the lovely reception...


First dance. 

This was so funny! Some of Andrea's brother's-in-law talked her niece into hiding in the back of the car under a bunch of newspaper. They drove off up the street, then suddenly slammed on their breaks and spun the car back around. She had counted to 10, then popped up and said "are we there yet?" Too funny! Here she is getting out of the car... :) 


Unknown said...

These photos are great! (This is Andrea's sister)

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