Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday girls.

My cute babies birthdays are this week (yup. Two days apart. 21st and 23rd.) so birthday week is officially upon us! We've had a lot of fun planning/doing photo shoots, and I'm learning all sorts of creative techniques to get them to smile for me. Lucy's easy to photograph, and it's funny to watch her trying to work the camera. Lylah runs and yells and dances and avoids me at all costs. Thank goodness she's cute. Enjoy! And check back later this week. I have one more session of these two coming!

Session 2:


Lauren Stanford said...

Girl. I love these so much! You did such a wonderful job!!!

Pease Family said...

Oh my goodness! Those girls just get cuter every day. What a fun collection of sister pictures! I love every one of them!!!

Gran said...

These are adorable! So fun! I'm amazed that you can get such cute pictures from such wild and crazy photo shoots ;)

BrItTneEanN said...

Love every one! You are so talented!! They are dolls.!!

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